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designing your own

Modular bars are a brilliant and easy way to create an ideal Bar for your space.

Piecing together a series of individual Optimum Modular Bars that we have designed for your optimum bar potential.



One of the main benefits of having a Modular Bar is being able to adjust the way in which the bar clips together. If you decide to have a bar re-design your back bar can be re-arranged to accommodate your new plans, or you can add to it by simply purchasing new Modules or Accessories, Further more you can opt for a slightly smaller bar by using a few modules.

What we are trying to say is possibilities with Optimum Modular Bar set ups are endless. With the ever changing trends & fashions of todays world changing things up to keep your customers on the right side of your bar is definitely of high importance!

With our individual modular bars, you can opt for long & straight, Corner or even a Square Island bar.



If you are looking for something a little bit different, for a specific space & size or maybe something curved, Custom-Made for your needs, We can still help. Our sister company Concept Bars will be more than happy to help you from Initial design all the way through to Install.


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